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Thread: Adios iBanesto

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    Adios iBanesto

    Adios, iBanesto

    They come and they go. The team that sponsored Perrico and Miguel becomes history.

    Take a page from the NASCAR book... support the sponsors when you can.
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    Banesto had no problems with loyalty and supporters. Believe me.

    They simply had a contract until 2003 and for years they have mentioned this. So the organization had time to look for other sponsors.

    This is not big news as is has been known for years.

    Problem with iBanesto is the directors. Riders and talkent they have. Nothing great but enough to do much better than they have.

    I hope they approach Perico Delgado and have him try to bring sponsors in. If so they will have no problems.

    I am very sure they will find a new title sponsor.
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