The latest word is that a local club will take over
management of the now defunct velodrome in an
effort to keep the drome from being turned into
a inline skate park.
As a way to raise funds (the drome needs major
repairs to the boards) the velodrome is offering
boards up for adoption. I'm not sure of the exact
details (I only found out about it this morning)
but the boards will be going for $100 each, and your
name will be placed on your board, in addition you
get the old board.
My wife and I will be adopting some wood, and
I'm going to volunteer to do anything else possible
to help save the drome.
I was wondering if some of us here would like to
pool resources and make a donation in the name
of BikeForums.
If I'm out of line here, or violating some protocol
I apologize, and Joe feel free to delete this thread.