I just thought i would share my Tour of California experience. sunday i went to the prologue and saw all the riders up the hill. stg 1 went to sausalito and saw all the teams and i met FoxRacer and his giant t-mobile bike. then i drove to santa rosa with my dad and saw the three laps and finish. then i went to stg 3 TT with my bro. to san jose and saw all the teams and about 15 riders on the course (the last ones). Friday i flew down to L.A. with my dad and met up with my other bro. to have dinner. Sat. my dad and i drove up to thousand oaks to see the finish of stg 6, and the three laps. on sun our hotel was right by the start/finish so i just got up and walked to the race. There were a lot of people and tents. we got some autographs and then watched the race. at 5p.m. we left for the airport, it took us 5 hours to get to northen california. got home around ten to watch the ESPN coverage... What a great week, cant wait until next year. and here are some pics (go to tour of cali bikes) http://community.webshots.com/user/cervelocsc