Hi there. This is my first post on these boards, so I'm relatively new to how you guys function. I hope this question is in the right place.

I'm a Junior rider, age 17, and a Cat 2. I'm pretty big at 6' 3" and 170 lbs and my specialty is definately as a time trialist, but I have a good kick too. I've raced two seasons now, and have got most things regarding racing pretty well figured out... except for training. I worked with a Carmichael Training Sustems Coach for a year because I was offered a scholarship to participate in the program, but I stopped because their method of training just wasn't for me.

I'm wondering if any of the posters here are pro's, were pro's, know pro's, or have spent a while as a Cat 1, and if these people could - briefly - outline the type of training they do (Types of intervals, miles per week, duration of endurance rides, and such...).

I want to break the myth that Juniors don't need long endurance rides because our races are usually under two hours. It's true that our races are short, but when I go to race, I end up doing not just the Junior race, but also the Pro,1,2 -- and that's a LOT of racing miles. Most of my important events are also in the form of Stage Races (one is a Junior World Cup that's nine stages long): so any training tips to work on my recovery time between sessions would be great.

It's been hard for me to stick with a given program for longer than three or four months in the past, and as I move up the ranks, this fault is making things more and more difficult for me to keep moving up.

I'm really interested in hearing suggestions any of you may have. Thanks!

- Maurizio