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    What a day at the races!

    I was fascinated by yesterday's late breakaway. Two old men, Jalabert, 33, and Dierckxsens, 36, and a kid, Mancebo, 25 or 26. All serious threats. I could not hear the commentary because I was at a sports bar/restaurant (they have about 20 TVs including two 10-ft ones that nobody was watching anyway so they put TDF on one for me. Cool!). It looked like the peloton were hell bent to chase down the breakaway and just couldn't. Unfortunately, the best part of the race was apparently earlier when Postal and others were driving the race to pull back an earlier breakaway. Sounded brutal. Wish I could have seen that. Hope it didn't drain Postal too much for the TTT today.

    Velonews has great descriptions of the days racing at their website and Tyler Hamilton's commentary gives really neat insight into what the racers go through.
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    A well fought stage and great rides by Jalabert and Ludo.

    Ludo had the nicest ride as to plan on it and make it happen in front of his fans. Very hard to do. Sadly he took Jalabert with him.

    Mancebo's ride simply was just to be. Happened to be there and took the opportunity as many spanish riders do. However, knowing him the pace would be and was too much in the end.

    We will see more of Mancebo and Txente from iBanesto in the days to come.

    I am however disappointed in Eukaltel's ride. Thus far no attempts. What is Gorospe thinking?
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