I really am about fed up with this pissing match. As a spectator and fan I just want to see these guys race. I don't really have a dog in this hunt, but I will say that the ProTour model, while not perfect, is the best bet to seeing the sport become more mainstream. Honestly what I'd like to see is the ProTour teams just say if you don't invite all of us then none of us will come. If that happened ASO and RSC would really have to realize that their events wouldn't quite be the same without the big names. If the UCI came up with a series of races that didn't include the name Tour de France or Paris Roubaix but were on roads simular to those races the fans would watch. However if ASO puts on the Tour de France with a bunch of Continental teams I don't think the draw would be quite the same. Now I doubt that it would ever come to this as I don't think the teams would risk sponsorship by boycotting any of the big races, but I think that for this to have a resolution it's the only thing for them to do.