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    Race Report - Grand Prix of Richland County (Lucas, OH)

    Another Saturday, another long day in store. This Saturday I had a whole lot of driving to do and a pretty tough race. I got up, got ready, jumped in the car and was off. I had to drive 210 miles to Lucas, Ohio for the race. If that wasnít bad enough after the race I had to drive another 160 miles to a teammates house (Kippy) that was putting me up for the night.

    The drive was pretty uneventful other than the pouring rain the first hour or so. I made the drive in about 3 1/2 hours getting me to the race around 11:45. Plenty of time to get ready since the race didnít start until 1:00. It was pretty cool when I was signing up, a fellow WVMBA racer was there, Ben K. We talked for a little while and then got ready. It was kind of nice having a familiar face around. Another perk was the weather, it wasnít raining, snowing, or cold. It was awesome! Around 60 degrees, perfect!

    I got dressed, bsíd with a few friends that I have made and then jumped on the trainer for about half an hour. I knew the course started with a climb so I should probably get a little warm up. I finished up the warm up and headed to the line and talked with Ben a little more. The race started with a neutral start up the hill the first lap. Iím guessing the climb was about 3/4 of a mile and then a few rollers after that.

    The first lap was pretty uneventful. The lap was about 10.4 miles with a decent amount of climbing the first three miles. After that it kind of just went flat for the rest of the lap. The second lap there were a couple of purges but nothing too bad. I stayed near the back the first two laps. I really didnít think there was any need to worry about a breakaway sticking so why get up front and wear myself out? On the final lap I spent about six miles working my way up to the front 1/4 of the group. I finally made it there and the next thing I know a bunch of people ignore the yellow line rule and go around us. Honestly, that sort of pissed me off after doing all that work to get up there. Oh well, a few of them got reprimanded but nothing major.

    We went around the final corner before the final climb and everyone starting fighting for positions. We hit the climb and Iím about 1/2 way up in the group. I start making up positions when I come up on these four riders that are almost at a stop and side by side blocking the road. I had to hit my brakes on the climb and actually lock up the rear wheel. That sucked! I dropped three gears and made my way around them and gave it everything I had. I managed to pass a few more riders and finished 8th. Not too shabby I guess. Ben finished 7th right in front of me.

    Overall it was a pretty fun race and I plan to do it again next year. I was also glad that it wasnít a real difficult race considering that I had another, more difficult race the following day.

    Time to get back in the truck and head to Cincinnati.

    I've really got to work on my positioning at the end of the races. Anyway, congratulations to everyone that was there!
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    ^^^ Yellow line rule - I got relegated to the back of the pack in a RR on saturday, for a completely non-egregious (did I spell that correctly?) very brief violation to go around 1 guy who was going backwards like a stone. While I looked ahead to be sure no oncoming traffic was there and wish I wouldnt have been relegated, I completely understand, respect, and appreciate what the moto did, it's for our safety as racers and I was in the wrong. People get killed this way. The folks in your race should have been relegated to the back of the pack.

    Sitting on the back - some can make this work. Not me. I'm a big believer that the front 1/4 is where the race happens. If you would have started there instead of sitting on the back, you wouldnt have worn yourself out moving up and then the yellow line pirates would have been a non-factor, regardless of official decision. I also think that the best way to improve your position for late in the race is to not have to improve it at all by being in position already. I'm not as strong as alot of other racers, but positioning is my bread and butter.

    Good result none the less, and much kudos to you for driving so far to race. That's committment.

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