Yesterday was the first of the Tree of Life criterium series in New Braunfels, Texas. There was a pretty good amoutn of riders that showed up, just not too many 5's, only 13 of us. For the 5's it was a 30 minute race for the 5's and it hurt the majority of the time.

We quickly dropped a few and ended up being about 8 or 9 of us in the main group. The course has a few 180 degree turns that I quickly found I suck at, I would lose 3-4 places every tight turn and have to sprint back to the main group. About 20 minutes into the race, on the preme(sp?) lap I decided i was going to attack and when some Odwalla bars! I attacked from the back on a long stretch that is straight and slightly downhill that leads into a 180 turn, I quickly gapped the group and thought I was on my way to a box of tasty bars! I heard one rider come up behind me as I started to slow going into the turn, of course he came flying past me, I instatnly knew this was trouble. We all know what comes next, he carries way too much speed into the tight turn and slides out right in front of me, I slow to avoid hitting him and instatnly get back up to sprint to the finish line. Right at the line a guy caught me and stole my odwalla bars from me, bastard! i was popped after that, someone else attacked and a group a 4 got away from me and stayed away the rest of the race. I ended up placing 5th in my first crit, not too bad considering how bad I corner. For now i am going to focus on my cornering skills until the next race, which is in two weeks.