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    Walnut Grove 5/6

    I raced Walnut Grove today
    It didnt rain like I thought it was going to
    55 miles and some large climbs
    4 crash's including some guy getting pushed off the road and going headfirst into a ditch
    More course marshalls not knowing which way to make the field turn
    An early break went and one guy from it stayed away the entire 55 miles
    I attempted to organize the chase but just ended up pushing a bunch of latino guys by the backs to try and get them to pull though
    the field blew apart around mile 50 on the last climb and then there were 25
    I thought we had more run-in towards the finish and didnt fight well for position
    Thought I had 4th out of the field sprint locked with a much better bike throw then yesterday but got a final result of 8th
    no money no upgrade points and not enough of a workout

    I'm going to ride.
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    Yea, that was a tough race. That one climb was really brutal. One of my teammates george was involved in a crash that occured going up that climb.

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    Not a bad result at all man. Keep it up.

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