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    It's the Freakin Weekend Baby

    Sucked it up and went racing this weekend despite the broken rib and road rash from getting run into while coasting down to avoid any last lap carnage last Sunday. I've been getting that quality 1-2 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night until I move, so I was feeling fresh as a daisy. Figured I'd try to salvage some points for the team and myself, we're near or at the top of our District's BAT/BAR standings, and after all, it's only pain.

    Uphill finish at the road race Saturday proved to be my undoing, barely being able to get off the saddle thanks to the rib meant that any kind of burst at the line or strong finish was unlikely. Race gradually came apart till there was a small group of 18 or so left. Ended up 12th. No points. GWHBNAH won.

    Sunday's crit was fast and exciting, Ex TDF rider in the field along with GWHBNAH and the usual big legged crit monsters. Worked to get our guys off in breaks, create gaps, and control the field. Rolled off early and took one prime and kept going for a lap then got gobbled. Tried one off saddle effort and cried like a little girl so sprinting or bridging was out of the question (with no snap I'd end up towing guys up), so when we got two of our sprinters off in a seven man break with GWHBNAH and TDF, we tried to give them as much space as possible before trying to secure bottom top ten points.

    Pace broke the field up, did a little strategery to drop one sprinter dude so we ended up with myself and two teammates along with Arch Rival Team Guy, and the rest of the field out of sight. We pretty much blew it and let ARTG beat our sprinter to the line. GWHBNAH won, we got 4 guys in the top ten so we came away with some points anyway. I ended up 11th.

    Team rode better than what could be expected considering they did all the course set up and logisitics for the crit, which was a huge effort. Considering chucking up a poll to see if I should race as planned next wseekend. Let the people decide and all that.

    And yeah, people post mediocre results too.
    "I may not be as strong as I think I am, but I know many tricks, and I have resolution" - Santiago

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    The rib sounds painfull. What's with the white center kit?

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