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    Rocket Richard

    Could someone explain the differences in the Scott CR1 models?

    I see there is a CR1 model or I could get a team model, a Pro model, or an SL. I thought there was just one type of frame as far as the CR1 went. Also, does this apply for 2005 models, because I'm looking at a second hand one. Thanks!

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    the cr-1 sl is 880, the team/ pro is 980 in terms of the frame weight. I do remember hearing, not sure from where however, that the frames are made on one assembly line, and the heavier frames, whether they have a little extra weight from say the clear coat, carbon resin, etc. get tagged as the team and pro, and the others become sl's. I know this was stated in at least 2006, so i can't say for certain about 2005, but i'll look into it if nobody else knows.

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