I raced my second crit ever. First four laps, I sat in. I didn't get above 150bpm, my LT is 163. I was able to cover the accelerations and move around in the pack with ease. After the fifth lap, I had already met goal number one, stay with the pack and get comfortable. Now time to attack. I drifted from the front toward the back and attacked hard from the right hand side to left. No one caught my wheel. I put a gap in of about 250 metres. A truck pulled out onto the course blocking both lanes. I had to sit up. I was instantly caught. I rejoined the pack. I waited 1/2 a lap. I attacked the same way again. I got 300 metres. I was slowly reeled in. I attacked again, I put about 500 metres on the pack. I saw a rider up the road, which I thought was in our race. I rode as hard as I could to bridge to him. Turns out he was dropped from another race. (Looking back, I don't know how I thought he was in our race) Without anyone to work with, my attack would eventually be caught. I sat up. The pack caught me but no one came around. I sat up briefly until we got to an incline. I attacked again but I didn't quite have the acceleration. At this point, the pack had been whittled down. One of the other riders attacked. I tried to bridge but didn't have the legs. Five riders got off the front. The guy who kept reeling me back in went out the back. I eased up, sat on a wheel. Recovered. I chased, caught two more riders on the final lap. I attacked with 1km to go and put 500 metres between me and the other riders. I didn't check the standings but I think there were only four or five riders ahead.

Lessons Learned:
-Attacks are useless unless you can make it stick
-Don't be the first person to attack
-Don't be afraid to try new things, it's only a race
-When you need a rest or drink, use momentum on downhills to pass riders
-Attacking from the back up the left side, seems to really work (people can't respond if the don't see you coming, once up to speed they can't match your acceleration)
-My recovery between max efforts is getting much better