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    If you are going to report the stage results...

    Could you actually put the results in, rather than just saying something like "great race" or "hey, wasn't that exciting!" or "Whoa! "? That is really not a spoiler and doesn't say anything to the rest of us poor slobs who have no access to the televised results?

    Much love to youall.... got nuthin' but love for ya... nuthin' but love...

    I just need a lot more than some generalized statement that tells me nothing. Gimmie some results- something I can sink my teeth into!

    Thanks guys and gals!


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    Lance Hater
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    It was more of a discussion of the stage in progress which was eventurally meant to be a spoiler.

    And I did post the results, didn't I?
    i may have overreacted

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    Sure you did, hon... eventually- but when you put the post up, we all think you're reporting the RESULTS, not just what's going on in the stage in progress.

    Besides that, saying "whoa!" or "wow" doesn't describe the race in progress either- how about a bit more detail about what's going on that makes you say "whoa" or "wow"? Then it's not a complete waste of time for me to jump in and view the thread- just gimmie something.... anything.... us poor slobs here are depending on you when you post the thread to give us something to work with!


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