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Thread: The heat...

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    The heat...

    A mechanic of PCad's vintage at my LBS told me that his old coach used to advise against rides in temperatures above one's own body temperature. I thought that sounded like pretty sage advice, and like a good excuse for skipping the KILLER thursday ride on nights like tonight. Temperature = 101.

    So 7:30 rolls around, and here come 2 guys who are regulars on that ride, cooling down. Holy sh*t! I thought the ride just evaporated on days like this. I foolishly assumed that no one would participate in a 2 hour, 50 mile, Bataan Death March of Cycling, in that kind of sweltering heat, but I forgot just how insane my UCSF brethren are.

    The competition never rests.

    I am feeble and weak-willed.

    They are not.
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    I hate the heat. It's finally cooled down here in Virginia. Last night I actually got to wear a long sleeve shirt. Ahhhhhh it was nice.

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    It's nice. Heat, cold and rain leave the roads and MUP open. I'm good until maybe 104 or so but am more heat tolerant than most. Wouldn't want to be responsible for a group or team ride that hot.

    My tires seem to become butter though. Lost two cheap tires this week. Sliced up like an emo kid.

    Univ Cal, San Fran?

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