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    Gear review: VDO MC1.0 computer

    I'd been wanting a computer w/ altimeter for a while. My main interest was having a metric of altitude gain. I looked into Garmin 205/305, but they were more than I needed and were just too big. After reading a writeup on BF I (hesitantly) ordered a VDO MC1.0 a month ago on sale from Nashbar for $120.

    After a month I can say that I am happy with what I got. It's a pretty robust unit and is removable from its mount, so it is easily moved from bike to bike. Nashbar sells an optional "second bike" kit w/ magnet/sensor-transmitter. One criticism of barometer-based computers is that a change in pressure during your ride can significantly affect your readings. So far, this hasn't been an issue. The altitude gain readings have been pretty consistent across rides. It's easy enough to check for a significant change in pressure; just look at your "home altitude" when you return to your starting point. I haven't noticed any major fluctuations when being passed by large vehicles, which was one of my concerns.

    After the first week I ordered the optional stem mount and moved the unit down to my stem. It's pretty small and clean there (pic attached). I ordered another MC1.0 for my new (yet to be purchased) bike over the weekend.
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