Best part:
Warming up on the trainer getting to watch the pro women, Hello Liz

Worst part:
cracked tubular

Course was pretty good with the exception of the one pothole on the road that I hit. It had a nice uphill leg, downhill, roller and flat/slight downhill to the finish all located just off the water in down town benicia which was very nice. Tight corners and not being aggressive enough resulted in a pack finish in the 3 race

First race with the big boys and the biggest change was in the 3's you could sprint from the back of the group to the front on the hill or the straight. In the 123 it was a full sprint ever time up the hill just to grab the coat tails and they corner VERY fast when they are off the front. I would look up the road between gasps and it looked like a sport bike rider getting ready to drag a knee.

Will seek retribution at Chico in two weeks.