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    Last road race of the year

    There is a small laid back race series called the Ciociaro Club Can-Am Challenge Series. Anyways, I found out about the series towards the end of the year, and only made it to the last three crits. The format is 1:30 minutes plus 3 laps and due to daylight issues, the last one is 1:00 plus 3 laps. The course is .8 miles long, built around some feilds (soccer, pavilions, ect) with a 18 foot "speed bump climb". For the series, there are sprint point primes, along with cash/mechendise primes.

    Prime one, sprint point: I was in good position, around 4th or so. With about 200 yards or so to go, no one had stepped it up, and I was feeling good, stepped it up, and won it easily.

    Prime two, cash prime (only $10 lol) I had been pulling for a while (few laps?), and when I pulled off to the side for people to pass, no one wanted to lead, so I decide to just go at a casual pace so if someone didn't like it, they could lead, and if someone stepped it up, I had plenty of juice to go. The bell rings, I continue my little game. About half way through, I slowly ramp up the speed. The sun was at our backs, so I could see the long shadows behind me, knowing exactly what they were doing. I see one starts dancing with only a little bit to go, so I step it up. Eventually we're in an all out sprint, and I win the prime by about a half a bike length.

    Prime three, sprint point: Before this race, there is a Jr. race that goes on, and after its finished they are allowed to run in B class (my class) assuming they can keep up. Since no one wanted to pull it was a pretty slow pace, he kept up no problem. He was out front, and desided to do a small break away. The next lap, the bell rings. He's about 100 yards ahead. He wasn't a strong rider, but at the pace the pack was moving, we weren't going to catch him in time. I felt ok, so I said **** it, and dropped the hammer. I'm gaining ground fast. I glance back, and no one is following. Half way through the lap, I pass him, and keep pedaling hard. I look back, and there still back there. Since I've been sprinting for so long, I'm drain. I slow up a little bit, and glance back. Their slowly gaining ground, so I think, can't stop now, and keep hammering. I eventually solo it in for the sprint point.

    Finish. Same story as 2. I had been pulling for a while with no takers, so I just kept it slow and heart rate low. As I ramp up the speed, l glance quick back, and the wolves are hungry. I hear someone start to go, so I push hard. We're nearing the finish. On of my buddies yells on my left, and there is a guy right there. He's slowly closes the gap. I search for another gear, and push as hard as I can while running on fumes. I fight and give it my all as we cross the line. We both have no clue. We take a slow lap, and when we get back the officials point to me and say I got it.

    Great way to end the season. I kinda wanted to race in A today (as the last race in this series, I kinda had the same result) however, since I was in the hunt for points in B, I decided to go with the B class. However, next year, I will be racing A for sure.

    Cliff notes: Took 3:3 primes and First place for the last race of the year, in this series.

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    Nice job, asmall. Only three races of a ~ten race season and you took the points champ (by my convoluted math, at least).

    For everyone else - I managed to wheelsuck and got third. Asmall pulled the pack around for the entire race and I still couldn't get around him at the end.

    My take on the same race.
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