Now don't get mad because I DID look at the cycling news and velo news coverage for Thursday thru today. But saw nothing (but I could have missed it) until this bit

"Arbitrators hearing the case of Floyd Landis formally closed the hearing record on Thursday, a procedural step that now requires a ruling within 10 days, or by Septemper 23, four months since the three-member panel ended a nine-day evidentiary hearing May 23.

The arbitrators were awaiting a final report from their scientific advisor, Dr. Francesco Botre, director of the World Anti-Doping Agency laboratory in Rome. Landis has denied the accusation, contending that the WADA anti-doping lab in Paris, which tested the Tour de France samples, mishandled his specimens and botched the analysis.

The end is in sight and once the appeals are done, we may actually find out who won the 2006 Tour."

appeared in the live coverage of the vuelta a few minutes ago. Confrims what event services said earlier.

So, soon we will have at least the end of this phase.