Hi, I'm new to the site and I would like to comment on an earlier post about the daniel marszalek list that was on the, now defunct, Cycling4All website. In my view Daniel got it as near right as is possible. in particular he awarded points that reflected the value of a race at the time. So, for example, Paris-Brussels got more points when it was a major classic (what is now called a Monument) and less in recent years. Conversly when the Tour of Spain was a domestic race plus a few Belgians getting some early season sun it got less points than now.
Someone made a point about team riders doing a great ride but a lowly finish. Tough, riders are domestiques only because they know they are not good enough to be leaders.
Tour stage wins earn too many points- I don't think so. Check how few stages Sean Kelly won despite four green jerseys. Winning a Tour stage is a seriously fantastic achievement and Daniel gives it the credit due.
Eddy Merckx:- I was pleased that there were no flakes claiming that Lance is in the same street as Eddy. The Special One won a third of the races he started! It is difficult to choose the perfect example of his class and determination but one will suffice. on Sunday 25 august 1974 at 5pm he won his third pro title at Montreal, Canada. On Monday he attended a reception in Belgium and on Tuesday he was second in a race at Cannes in the South of France and in the next seven days he placed in five races all over europe, all of which he got to by car on Europe's then largly freeway free roads.