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    TT's & water bottles - Aero or Regular?

    Ok, so I'm familiar with the whole Slowtwitch school of waterbottle placement.

    My question, for the chattering classes of BikeForums, is this:

    Given that the downtube on my TT bike is quite aero (06 Spec Transition), the logical place to put a waterbottle is the seat tube. Ok. Easy enough. I'm used to having a waterbottle there, as that's where it is on my road bike.

    For the purposes of this discussion, we are ignoring a Profile Design bottle up front or behind-seat bottles.

    However, would it be more aero to have an 'aero' waterbottle there (such as Planet-X/Profile/Arundel, Specialized, Bontrager, et al.) or a regular one. The width of the regular one essentially shields the FD clamp and some of the seat stays. The 'aero' one is... well... 'aero.'

    As I haven't got a wind tunnel in my garage, what are the thoughts of the masses?

    Now I wonder about rigging up something to hold an 'aero' bottle such as those linked above right in front of the head tube, a la Profile bottles, but narrower...
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    From what I have seen the more you can fill in the gap to make less space between the DT and ST the better. the aero bottles like the arundel are shaped to do this whereas a round bottle isn't. I dont run a water bottle if I dont have to but when I do it is the arundel and I slide it all the way down on the seat tube till the bottle touches the down tube.

    Without the aid of a wind tunnel I dont think you could really know if given 1.your frame 2. your bike 3. your position 4. and yaw, which bottle setup would produce the least drag. Maybe DRWJO can help if he tested equipment in his time.
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