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Thread: Cascade Classic

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    Cascade Classic

    Has anyone raced the Cascade Classic as a Cat 4? What is it like? I think I would be outclassed but it might be a good learning experience. As I understand, there is a fair amount of climbing. What would be the necessary watts per kg to be competitive in the climbs?

    Edit: I'm currently at 4.2watts per kg at LT
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    I'm currently at 4.2watts per kg at LT
    If you have the shorter numbers to respond to attacks, and the endurance for the RR. I wouldn't worry about the 4's with that kind of w/kg.

    I am lower than that (~3.8-4.0, no powertap) and have not too much trouble in the 3's on big climbs.
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    I literally put our 9.11 watts/kg for 12 hours.

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