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    RPE calibration improvments

    Before I got the PTap, I think I had a pretty well calibrated RPE. Well, for this morning's commute in a pre-dawn thunderstorm, I couldn't read the head unit at all, so I decided to really concentrate on RPE and see how close I could get to Friday's commute.

    Well, I was w/in 2W average for the final stretch (330W Friday, 328W today). VI of 1.0 with the PM on Friday, VI of 0.99 this morning using RPE.

    Cool -- PowerTap = RPE calibrator

    Friday (PowerTap paced):

    Monday (RPE paced):

    That bobble at ~19:20 was due to some construction-related pedestrian traffic and a parking big-rig on the road.

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    I have found the exact same thing. Also keeps me honest with RPE when im slacking.
    Please remember that all statements unless quoted, are strictly my opinion of what happened. That there are as many opinions as there are spectators attending. I just choose to publish mine on this forum. And would NEVER intend to purposely hurt or discredit any other cyclist.... With that said... HTFU!

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