Lifted from the Serotta Web site (which lifted it from 11/04/2003)

Serotta Team Up With Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada Cycling To Race Serotta Bicycles For 2004

Sierra Nevada Cycling has committed to a multi year agreement which will see members of the Sierra Nevada Professional Cycling competing on Serotta Competition Bicycles for the coming seasons. The agreement not only provides Sierra Nevada Cycling with some of the most coveted bicycles in the world but also gives Serotta Competition Cycles a vehicle to get back into the American racing scene, which they have been so deeply involved in the past.

According to Lori Hoefer, Serotta’s Director of Special Projects “Serotta is excited to support such a high caliber team. Our roots have always been set deep in the American racing scene. Our relationship with the Sierra Nevada Team reconfirms our commitment to this....we would love to resurrect an enthusiasm that could parallel the days of the 7 -Eleven and Coors Light teams."

Sierra Nevada Cycling will race on Serotta’s flagship Ottrott ST frame, a meticulously designed combination of titanium and carbon fiber. According to Serotta, “...the Ottrott ST is the most intuitive ride you will ever experience “. The bikes will be equipped with both the proprietary Serotta designed/Reynolds Composites built F2 fork and patented pivoted ST carbon seatstay. Serotta will provide each team member with custom built frames; both the geometry and tubing/materials selection will be tweaked to best compliment each riders’ individual needs.

In addition to Sierra Nevada Cycling racing Serotta Cycles around the country, KS Marketing LLC, the Management company of Sierra Nevada Cycling, has agreed to manage a west coast demo program for Serotta Competition cycles. The program, which will be modeled after Serotta’s very successful east coast program, will give added value to sponsors of Sierra Nevada Cycling by giving them the opportunity to get their products on the road with consumers and shop staff around the country. The big bonus to equipment sponsors, according to KS Marketing , is that “Both east and west coast programs will feature the same bikes the pros are using”.