i am still stunned by my first crit. fun. hard. exhilirating!

18.9 miles, my heartrate was basically mid 90% - 99% of max the whole time. speeds 27, 28, max 29 mph....each lap! go to the "laps" tab on motionbased for a lap-by-lap breakdown. considering a hard ride for me is usaully 17 or 18 mph...this is pretty over the top effort level.


my friend took some good video. the highlight for me...about 1/3 way through the video...at the 1:26 mark on the YouTube video...when he says "good position mike"... you will notice i am ...for the very first time..."in the break"....or at least i am in a group that has split the field.

near the end...oh so close to being dropped....another lap or two and it would have been over for me as they were pulling all dropped riders....which actually amounted to a probably 10-15 riders. i was back a smidgen at the finish...but still there or thereabouts. actually the last non-pulled rider, i think.

my video highlights of the race.....