Had a real short CAT5 race today. The 30+ Cat5 race was very light with 14 people. The crit course was .6 miles and started flat then went to a downhill fast number two corner that then took you uphill into the wind as it swept around to the fourth turn. A downhile slope took you to the finish. This is my 2nd to last weekend as a CAT5 and I decided take the advice on this forum; I did not just hang in the pack but went for it with no worries of what place I'd finish. With just under a mile to the finish I was 6th in a line going uphill on the backside of the course when the group slowed as the lead rider was looking for someone to move up and take the wind. I figured I had just under a mile (1.4 laps left) and jump up hard opening a 30ft gap. With one lap to go I continued to go hard but could not sustain the lead. In the last 400 meters I was passed by 7 riders. I did overtake the 7th rider at the line. Even though I blew up and barley made the line, it felt great not worrying about "hanging on" as well as creating that gap. I thought, "Wow, when viewing a gap from this angle you actually see faces!"

Two mistakes; First, I spent too much time in the front and not enough in the draft. Second I went 300 meters too early. Tomorrow, I do the same course and again I'll not just sit in the pack waiting to cross the line.