well yesterday was my first ever TT, as well as the first race of 2004. The season starts early out here, since our winter is so mild it will warm up very soon and the real racing will kick in.... anyhow here's how it went.

This is only my second race, the first of which was a crit (where I got dropped ) but this time I was much better prepared. The TT started promptly at 9:00 am, I arrived at the spot at around 7:45am. I pre-registered (which saved a lot of trouble) so I was able to get my number pretty quick and set up the bike by 8:15am or so... I brought my trainer this time, and I really think it helped a lot, I used a warm up interval workout (someone posted here a while back) which really helped me get ready for the race. My start time was 9:04 am, (they were sending riders every 30 secs) and I worked it out so that I rolled up to the line with about 1 minute from the time I got off the trainer to my start time.

The course was a "U" shaped out and back 20km on fairly smooth roads. There was little to no traffic as this was a utility road used only during the week (and was pretty far away from the city)

I guess I really wasn't sure what to expect, but on the downhill part of the course I really didn't push that hard as I was actually worried that I would go too hard during the race and blow up, turns out that I didn't go hard enough acording to my HRM I also got passed by 3 riders ... I was placed 22 out of 28 cat 5 riders, which IMO sucks but I can't really complain as it is only my second race (and I did improve from being dropped last race where I finished last)

as a final note they may have messed up some rider's times, (mine included) but I didn't time myself so I don't really know.... all in all I had fun...... There is another time trail in two weeks, so hopefully I can do that with better results