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Thread: End of an Era?

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    don d.

    End of an Era?

    Jan Raas has either a) voluntarily stepped down as Director of the Rabobank team, or b) been removed as Director. He has been replaced by Eric Breukink. Jan was a classics and one day event rider throughout his career, while Eric was always a rider in contention in the big tours. Could this signal a shift in Rabobank's focus? Es Possible.

    But with a roster heavy with single day and classics riders and only one rider who has shown himself to be capable of high GC in the tours(Levi), they will have to change more than the Director to get better tour results.

    Eric Breukink:

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    Michael Rasmussen might be the GC guy on Rabobank. I'd like to see Levi get his '02 Vuelta form back, but Rasmussen was impressive last season.
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