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Thread: GP d'Ouverture

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    don d.

    GP d'Ouverture

    Baden Cooke wins the opening round of the French Cup series. I think the interesting result here is Palmans rider Jo Planckaert's 2nd. Jo always tries hard in the first World Cup event, Milan-San Remo, and it looks like he might be training this year. Since Palmans is Div1 now, I think they will be on the starting line at Milan, and Planckaert would probably be considered their team leader if they are.

    Source: Procycling News
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    I could be wrong Don, but I believe the Tour du Haut Var is the opening round of the French Cup series.

    I noticed Planckaert's result as well and I couldn't agree with you more: he has to be the leader at Milan-San Remo. His past results speak for themselves (8th, 1999; 6th, 2000; 4th, 2002) and his defensive role in the final kilometre of the 1999 edition sealed Tchmil's victory.

    He should be leading this team right through the Spring calendar.

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    don d.
    Did i say Coupe de France? I meant French Opener...really. At least I got Planckaert's place right...

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