So this weekend I thought it would be a good idea to race three times.

Kalamazoo, MI BTR cat 3 race. Really windy, and although I didn't think it was that fast, but it was tough non the less. I put a few attacks out there, and when those failed two of my teammates put in good counters, it went to dictating the pace. Ended up getting a ho hum 12th.

Packed up, drive two hours to Fort Wayne. Twilight Pro 1/2/3 race. Course was really fast with only one corner that you had to break in/sprint out of. Pace was fast right out of the gate. My goal for the race was just survival. I was always either DFL or 2 racers up. Constantly I was expecting to pop. A few times in the race, someone else did, and I would be left to close the gaps. I held on. With a few laps to go, I knew I had to move up. Every opportunity, I would make way towards the front. In the sprint I didn't have much left, but survived. Pulled 22nd out of ~50.

Back to MI. There was a charity race which was new this year. The course was great, however the turnout was far from. Only 11 in the 3s and 7 in the masters so they combined us but would still score separately. 8, 4 mile laps with two climbs, one short and steep, the other longer and gradual. First lap around, on the gradual hill, I thought about dropping. I keep going. After I had a teammate up the road with a podium spot in the bag, I saw an opportunity to break...until I realized I had nothing in the tank. We eventually finish, not soon enough, coming into the sprint, I tried to throw something out there, but there was nothing left. I finished 8ths (out of 11th lol)

Combined with my 50 mile ride on friday, 20 miles of warm ups and about 100 miles of race miles, 170 miles in three days means I'm tired as hell. Recovery this week, 2-3 more races next weekend.