This past year's the first time that I have paid much attention to resting heart rate, checking it most mornings.

After the end of my racing season in september I stopped checking it for a month or so. Since then it's been higher than it was. I was down around 48 during the summer, now it's 51-53.

I'm not overtrained, that's for sure. I'm doing 9-12 hours/week (down from 15-17) and not too much intensity. My CTL is down around 80 from a high of 120. Did I really get that unfit that quickly? I feel slow. It seems like it took a couple years to go from 53 to 48, but I only checked it sporadically and only during the season. My "off season" was a couple weeks with only three rides, then a month of endurance rides, group rides and a few short hillclimb races.