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Pretty much. That is they way I think Cat 5 racing should be. Just really a tester to see who is somewhat serious about sticking with it, getting experience and learning. It was one of the survey results from last year in FL they took to heart, not combining the Cat 4/5s if at all possible. If you have to combine, Cat 3/4s instead, because we just don't need another 15-20 less experienced riders and any potential for issues to be higher than they already are in our Cat.

But, one race about a month ago, due to not enough registrations, of course, they can combine fields, because they also need minimums. Since Cat 4 and 5 were the last two races, they delayed the Cat 4 and ran them together, surprise! Double edge sword, I see the issues from the promoters side, and the racers side on this. It is one of the reasons I pick some races over others. If it is combined with 5s, I don't show. If it is solo or combined with 3s, then I will commit. But then there is the surprise combining you can't stop from happening...so what are you going to do? Cat up is the only solution to get to 3s. That is my goal by the end of next season hopefully. That way, worse case, you will only be combined with Cat 4s in a few races in the season, or Cat 1/2. Not 5s ever.
Yeah as a 4 I never did 4/5 races either. It doesn't make sense and is not fair to cat 4's who worked their way through the system. It's like going backwards. Not so much because the race will be any easier, in any given cat 5 field there could be the next US pro who doesn't know it yet, but just because of all the freshman riders getting their feet wet and racing for the first time.