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    So I was supposed to volunteer for the United Texas Tour, and I got this email today from the volunteer coordinator:

    Inaugural United Texas Tour Postponed
    LUBBOCK, TX – The Board of Directors of United Texas Tour, Inc., announced today that it has postponed indefinitely its professional cycling race originally slated for September 2005.
    “In light of growing worldwide humanitarian needs such as the South Asian tragedy, we are reluctant to solicit the level of sponsorship funding needed to ensure the success of this event,” said Eddie Owens, executive director of the United Texas Tour. “We are simply uncomfortable asking companies to fund the race when those dollars could be used for more immediate social concerns.
    “The reception we have received from Texas communities to date has been nothing short of overwhelming,” Owens added. “We are deeply grateful to all the sponsors who have pledged their support for the event, most especially our title sponsor, United Supermarkets and Market Street, and to the local and international cycling communities for embracing our vision for a world-class professional cycling race.”
    “While we are saddened by the postponement of the race, we understand and support the board’s decision,” said Dan Sanders, chief executive officer of United Supermarkets, Ltd.
    “We are sincerely thankful to Eddie and his team, along with the 18 local organizing committees comprised of selfless volunteers who have worked tirelessly toward this effort during the past year.”
    United Supermarkets, Ltd., announced its title sponsorship for the race in February 2004, and established the event as a platform for cancer awareness and survivorship. In recognition of that cause, a substantial gift was made to Lance Armstrong Foundation.
    “We continue to believe in the vision of United Texas Tour and remain committed to the cause of cancer survivorship,” Sanders said.


    I don't think they were ever organized enough to pull it off to begin with- I rarely heard from them, and I don't think they had everything they needed to pull it off, so they're just using this as their out... though I do think they are backing out in part because some of the sponsors aren't donating, but I bet others are just not financially stable enough to handle the commitment.

    Doesn't look like it will EVER happen. It wasn't even on the Discovery team schedule, and they promised to commit to it. Without them, I don't think they would have pulled this off.


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    Not so sure it was "an out". Maybe, but not the impression I got.

    I spoke with their delegation at the Dodge Tour de Georgia.
    They had the backing and the motivation. They seemed on track, and they were really cool group of people with their heads on straight.

    The fact that you hadn't heard from them shouldn't be alarming since their event was scheduled for September.
    Dodge-TdG usually gets busy a month or so in advance.
    Other major events that I've been involved with (Ryder Cup, Sundance Film, etc.) also stay pretty quiet until just months prior.

    Either way, it's a bummer.
    Overstating the obvious: The U.S. Road calendar needs a shot in the arm.

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    It's obvious this was a last min. decision. As I understand it, my bicycle team was having conversations as late as last week about holding pre-race competitions, etc. leading up to the start of the first stage!

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