Hi Everyone.

My Name is Sam Pedder, I am 23 years old Semi Professional road cyclist from the UK.

I raced in Southern California for 3 months this year, i did a lot of the Pro1,2 Crits and some of the bigger road races, then i moved to straight to Belgium to race Elite Kermesses.

I am currently training and getting ready for the 2014 season, I would really like to come back to California for longer this time and race for a team and do some more races.

Is there anyone that would be willing to Host a rider in there house or anyone with a spare room for cheap rent that i could stay at for around 6 months?

I am clean, do not smoke or take drugs, I like to have a leisurely beer or glass of wine.
I am happy to help out around the house with cleaning and doing jobs.

I will be coming to Race my Bike and train, i have a few friends in California but i am also looking to get to know more friends and people to ride with.

If there is anyone that can help me out or send me some details for teams and cheap accommodation i would be very grateful.