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Thread: After each race

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    After each race

    After a real hard race, the next day i sometimes feel i'll.

    I did have glandular fever about 2yrs ago and it seems to come back a little every time i sort of bottom myself in a big race.

    I'm going to ride a 8day international stage race in Ireland in May but am so affraid that if i bottom myself during the race that the glandular fever will return and stop me from finishing.

    Does anyone know of good multi vitamins / Minerals etx that will help? I know Lance Armstrong during the tour uses a drip which contains vitamins, minerals and phosphates and although we do not have the backing he does ther must be something out there that stops you getting tired.

    P.S nothing illegal though!

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    I experimented with Endurox last year and I believe it worked well for me for recovery. I only ever raced 3 days in a row so good luck with the stage race.

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