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    Prosthetic Limb Help

    Hi Everyone

    I am a Above Knee Amputee for 15 years using a total knee prosthetic limb. I have just decided it was time to hit the bike as my young children are moaning that Dad does not come along on any of the family rides. I was wondering what pedal setup I should use ie Toe Strap's. Shoes, Cage's or Cleat's and are there any in particular I should avoid or any that people would recommend. Also any other advice that would help me using the prosthetic setup I have regarding starting, general riding & dismantling.

    Many Thanks

    Jon & His 2 grumpy Children (Jasmine 9 & Charlie 7)

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    Hello OneLeg and welcome.

    I have been riding since just after my amputation in 07. Searching through posts here should supply you with a great deal of advice and answers both from myself as well as other helpful folks trying to steer me in the right direction.

    My personal experience (mind I am AK) is that clipless seems to me the easiest method for getting on, and staying on a pedal while you learn. Straps were troublesome getting out of for me. Platforms work well for me now, but it took some years to get used to having my foot move around like it does.
    Your heel may strike as well. I personally use an older leg and turned the toe in to avoid striking the crank. Others have used pedal extenders, assuming you have the float left to clip in. (clipless work within a certain degree of "straight" before release, called float)

    Good luck and good on your kids for motivating you to do this.
    One Foot Less

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