I wasn't sure whether to put this here, or A&S, or Foo, or whether it will just wind up in P&R.

The Americans With Disabilities Act will turn 25 in a couple of days.

As a guy with a heart problem, whose abilities vary quite a bit depending on how long ago I took my meds, and also as a dad with a stroller, and husband to a wife with a trick knee and back, I really appreciate having elevators and ramps. And I can foresee needing the handicap spaces, too.

There's no particular agency enforcement of the law, so the way to get compliance out of a business is to sue. However this system really sucks, as it has grown a scummy ecosystem of serial litigators shaking down small businesses in old buildings. A couple of years ago a favorite brunch place near here shut down in the face of such a suit from such a jerk, rather than fight. But the complaint was valid on its merits, there was no way for someone in a wheelchair to reasonably use their bathroom, and though they had a ramp it led to a tiny foyer in which it would be nearly impossible to turn a wheelchair. It was called Lake Forest Cafe, you can look it up in the news...