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Tom Stormcrowe 09-20-11 06:11 PM

Cycling Shoe Partnerships Thread
I hope this is received in the spirit it's intended, as the thread intentions are good. This is a thread where right leg amputees can partner with left leg to pair up, buying a single pair of cycling shoes and save themselves some money. If you need this thread, post your shoe size and preference as to type, road or mountain or Triathlon shoe, and we'll see as time goes whether the idea is good or not.

If it's a good idea, we'll get some partnerships, and if not, the thread will go nowhere.

Alternatively, if you think this is a terrible idea, please feel free to PM me to let me know.

Peter_C 09-21-11 11:09 AM

YA Tom! I think this is a great idea. Time will tell :)

punkncat 09-21-11 11:15 AM

I will reserve a spot in this. Currently I have no need of one, but if my new cycling pylon works out I will not be needed left shoe for cycling any longer.
I wear size 11.5-12 and use MTB shoes. I will let you know if I have one available or have need of a right shoe to wear.

riadahmed3624 04-12-14 07:17 AM

I think this is a great idea.

johnelliss 05-14-14 06:28 AM

Wonderful idea.

bwfox 04-20-15 07:49 PM

I am missing my first three toes on my right foot and the last two are hammered and sticking almost straight up. I wear a sz 10, but this leaves a big gap on the right foot between what's left of my right foot and the end of the sandal. I have to wear Shimano spd sandals because of my hammer toes. I need a size 8 Shimano sandal if anyone knows of a spare or no longer used one.

yetynobh 05-07-15 02:47 AM

good idea

davegreg 06-17-15 08:09 PM

It's a great idea!

bike_galpal 06-22-16 11:46 PM

why stop at shoes? seems valid for pedals too!

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