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    Recumbent Trikes

    Trikes help me to solve the problem caused by auto accident: very little BALANCE.
    Recumbents help with the many problems associated with old age. Anyone who says that old age doesn't decreased many of those physical skill used in riding needs to go back and try to do the things they did in their younger years. If someone trys to tell you otherwise, give them a full salt shaker and then discuss something else.

    Since we all age(its infinitely better than the alternative), what are the things you are presently doing that should make the transition easier?

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    Out fishing with Annie on his lap, a cigar in one hand and a ginger ale in the other, watching the sunset. Tom Stormcrowe's Avatar
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    My wife rides a recumbent trike.....a Sun EZ3. She's ridden it on tour, and it's pretty comfortable. It's a Delta configuration trike, not a tadpole...easier for her to mount and dismount because it doesn't sit so low.

    Here it is, loaded for touring

    And if you poop out, you can even park and nap in the seat.

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    I have a Sinclair C5 I sometimes use.

    It does have electric assist, but I use rarely. The dog pulls it like a dogsled in the park.

    It's not my favorite bike, but when I'm not feeling well or having leg pains, it's the one I turn to. If it's super cold and rainy, it's great because of the front wind guard.
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