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    Spread the word about; PROJECT FREEDOM

    Hello friends,
    I thought about posting this in the Charity Events but this is not an event... Feel free to move it as required.

    I wanted to inform you folks about a project that is underway called "Project Freedom" it is a joint effort being undertaken by members to build a customized wheel-chair accessible electric-bike in which the wheel-chair bound individual would be able to roll up into and go for a ride and still remain and drive from their chair. The young man is in his 20's and is forced to rely on others to ask for help to get groceries or just to get out for a ride to clear his head; we aim to build this for him and give him the freedom we all desire.

    So far we have raised 300$ and gathered a crew with willing volunteers who have the capability and expertise to build this.

    at this point we need more attention, more donations and if possible just simply spread the word!

    Original Thread:

    Images/Video of concept Design for the Wheel-Chair Vehicle with ramp;

    Official Info/Donation Page; and click on the donate link. ALL funds will go directly to the construction of Project Freedom

    There will also be periodic prizes given away to a random donater, the next one taking place on March 16'th.

    It is a most worthy-cause.

    A dollar will help, spreading the word will help, clicking will help.

    Thank You!

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    Moved here from Mechanics. Hopefully, it'll find some play and support.
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    A worthy project indeed. I've been in on this one from the get go. I posted about it here.
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