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    Question OcuTech: Any Alternatives

    In one thread, I saw the word OcuTech in one post which looked something like this, which is a VES-K. This should allow me to see traffic lights from far away.

    When I was in my mom's car, I'd have trouble concentrating in watching traffic lights changes due to the glare shining in the windshield from the sun despite my mom not have any trouble seeing the lights. This happens if the intersection is so large and some traffic lights are arranged in diagonal, which I found it to be confusing. But if it's very cloudy or it's dark outside, I won't have problems seeing traffic lights. Of course, I've never ridden a bike or trike in the road, so it can be hard for me to judge whether I can see traffic lights during broad daylight or not. If a car does not have a windshield, it could make a difference for me, but then it'll be very windy at 40+ MPH. Of course, I can see very good enough to ride in the road if it aren't for traffic lights and if it's not for cars zipping along pretty fast in a 25+ MPH speed limit. That is, when it comes to pulling out of a driveway and unless I get near the intersection from the sidewalk.

    However, I don't like a hassle of going to the low vision specialist and getting prescribed with a visual aid that costs more than $300--even up to $1,000, so I'm wondering if there are any cheaper alternatives?

    If not, then am I better off riding a tricycle in the sidewalk instead? What about a bike lane if it's available? In Tallahassee, most of the streets do not have bike lanes and there are obstacles in sidewalks such as light poles where pedestrians have to go around them even if there is no grass between the street and sidewalk. In that case, I'll be planning to move to another city when my mom gets out of nursing school in the next two years.

    I'm thinking of Houston, TX--specifically the area about 1.5 to 2 miles west of The Galleria (which I've been there once when I've spent some time living with a loved one in Houston about a couple of years ago). I'm talking about the area with a Walk Score between 75 to 85. Or maybe Chicago, IL? I'll need to spend a lot of time doing some research as I don't know if there are city ordinances that would prevent me from riding a tricycle in sidewalks in downtown area where there are businesses that are in the edge of sidewalks and in-street parking.

    What I'm saying is it'd be nice if I could not have to deal with traffic lights due to my visual impairment, but if I cannot tide a tricycle in the sidewalk due to city ordinance, I don't want riding a bus or a cab to be my only alternative if I'd like to keep my body active while going from point A to point B when it comes to transportation. I'm a "get-in-the-car-or-bike-and-go" kind of guy who likes to have control over where I want to go.

    With that said, I'm going to try to do away with expensive visual aids (such as OcuTech) unless I can afford it, which I can't unless I can go with monthly payments.
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