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    How many miles did you ride this ____?

    I was curious to know how much time the rest of the adaptive "forumites" are spending in the saddle. How many miles have you ridden in the last week, this month, for the year?

    Since working out some issues with my leg, and learning to reduce my ride distance in hot weather...sweat in a liner is a bear....I have done very well to increase my ride time and distance through more frequent and shorter riding.

    This past week was above the ordinary at 200 miles, and I am at around 350~ for the month. I lost some figures for the year, but estimate around 2800 so far on the low side. I am riding five days a week, on average, and no less than three when the weather permits. My "average" week is right at 90 miles according to Strava.

    How about you?
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    I can average 25-50mi./day, if I feel up to it.

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