I rode the Tour de Pike for the Pike County Kiwanis yesterday. I had signed up for the 100 miles but an off season with more moving than riding, and way too much eating, I came to the realization that I wasn't going to make that. I had decided to do the 33 mile route instead. A couple of my good friends from the SCC club grabbed me and convinced me to try the 66. I agreed that I would give it a try and would make a final decision at the turn 30-ish miles into the route.
In retrospect, I likely should have turned. I made a 15.4 average right up to about the 40 mile mark and then completely lost energy. My legs rebelled, lactic acid buildup just about made me unable to move and I called it 9 miles short of the finish.

Making 57 miles was still more than I have ridden in the entire last month. I wasn't unhappy at all that I went an additional 24 miles above and beyond what I had planned on and "trained" (read as lack thereof) for.
This year, I was the only amputee in the field so far as I and a couple of the organizers I talked to know. I would love to see more come out and support one another for a ride one year....