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Thread: school program

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    school program


    The local school district is starting a bike program in it's middle school PE classes and is looking for cycles for those who would have problems riding a standard bike. Hopefully you have some ideas.

    The rides will be recreational on trails and local streets so they don't need anything high end. Of course costs is a key consideration. Ease of transport is as well since these cycles will travel from school to school.

    They haven't done this program yet but teachers we have talked to think there will be more of a need for something that is suitable for students with emotional/ behavior issues such as autism rather than physical issues.
    This suggests the need for a tandem recumbent as well as a standard recumbent.

    On paper the Terra Trike Rover sounds like the perfect option because you can attach a 2nd unit to make the recumbent into a tandem. But we are concerned about how difficult it would be to make the conversation if someone is not really mechanically inclined.

    Any ideas you have would be appreciated.


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    If I may ask where is the school located this my help you find a organization to help out.

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