(this is a reposting of a thread started on the "fifty +)

For those on you not familiar with my series of posts from last summer and fall, here's the short story:

Man with one arm (that would be me) enlists the help of major bike maker (that would be Trek) to help design a better, safer way for upper extremity challenged riders to control a road bike. Bike is named Bandit (research past posts or figure it out).

While said bike is in development, man crashes on a famous organized ride in the Colorado mountains. Result: Badly broken hip, requiring surgery and titanium rods.

About 9 weeks into recovery, in late September 2013, the Bandit is ready. Domane 6 series frame, Dura Ace Di2 shifting everywhere, SRAM hydro rim brakes, both firing from a single lever. Dream come true. 1400 miles of happy riding from October to the end of November.

SRAM brakes recalled in early December for cold weather sealing problem. After a day of soul searching, man tells wife. Bandit moves to the trainer.

New SRAM design is ready at the end of April. Bandit leaves the beloved trainer behind, and heads to Wisconsin in a box in mid May. Returns to Colorado May 29, better than new.

Colorado enters into a rare monsoon season. Man mounts 28mm tires on the Bandit and rides on through rain and hail, glued to the road, and smiling all the time. Came down a 10% grade this afternoon, splashing through 2" of water (more river than road), and never felt a bit at risk.

Life is good.