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    Triple Bypass 2014

    This is a repeat of a thread that I started on the 50 plus this morning, for those who don't visit that site.

    Last year, as I had posted on this forum, I had set a goal of not being the first one-armed rider to start and not finish Colorado's Triple Bypass ride. I missed that goal badly when I crashed and broke my hip, about 45 miles into the ride. An awesome surgeon fixed me up that day and set me on a course of aggressive rehab, an effort that received a huge boost when Trek delivered to me a one-handed wonder bike called the Bandit in late September.

    As part of the saga, and mostly to motivate me to get my 57 year old body and bruised ego up and running again, I concocted two revenge scenarios. One was to finish the ride last fall from the point of impact, a move that an early snow fall prevented. The second was to ride the Triple both ways this year. Toward that end, I signed up for the Double Triple and laid down about 5000 miles of riding from January to the end of June.

    Saturday July 12 was the east to west leg of this year’s ride. The weather was perfect, all day. I rode with friends and neighbors, made new friends from all over the world, never went beyond chat speed on the climbs, and descended sanely, the way a one-armed old man should. I rolled into the finish, smiling, in a bit less than 8 hours of ride time, a 15.4 mph rolling average for 120 miles and 10,990 ft. of climbing.

    At the top of Vail Pass, I had unexpectedly run across a buddy (who was riding) and his wife (who was supporting). The same couple, along with my wife and I, had ridden up Vail pass the day before last year's Triple crash. He joined me for the final 28 mile descent into Avon.

    Sitting on the grass with our wives and one of my daughters, sipping a few beers, and then later that night at dinner with a neighbor and his family, it occurred to me that this was really the perfect ending to the story—one that honored the great docs that patched me up and got me going again, the wonderful folks at Trek that gave me the technology to navigate a challenge like this safely, and the overall biking community that I have enjoyed joining.

    The only trouble was that my evil twin, the guy with hubris and access to my credit card, had signed up for the"look at what a hard guy I am” Double. When I woke up Sunday morning at 5, with a bruise on my bottom and a text from one of my riding partners that he was bowing out, I stared at the hard guy in the mirror and decided that he was the only one who was pushing me to endure 8 hours of butt pain.

    Hard guy will have to find another time to stroke his ego, because I spent Sunday on a majestic hike with my wife and daughter. And if you want to talk some smack on promises made and broken, he’s the one you need to get in touch with. Problem is, he’s changed his e-mail address, discontinued his cell phone, has been banned from posting on this site, and may in fact have left the country.

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    Wise decision on your part, congratulations on finishing out the Triple, that is one big accomplishment.

    I can do all things through Christ, whom strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

    I did not choose to have Parkinson's Disease, but I can choose not to allow it to control my life.

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