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At Polka Dot Cycling Holidays we are passionate about riding in the mountains. In the summer we base our holidays in the French Alps and over the winter/spring we run training camps in Tenerife. Our aim is to help our guests achieve extraordinary heights, in their own way. There is nothing like following in the footsteps of your Tour de France heroes and riding on the best mountain roads in the world. But we are not all Tour riders – it’s nice to be able to walk the day after! So with our years of experience, we'll show you how to achieve that unbelievable feeling of summiting a mountain you never thought you could ride, then at the end of the day enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine, and reliving the excitement of the day with like minded cyclists.

We run the following types of Holidays:

1. Mountain Challenges - RAID Alpine, Classic Stage Finish Cols of the North, Central & South Alps

2. Beginners Weeks - if you haven't ridden in the mountains before, we introduce you to some of the big Tour climbs but help you with gearing, pacing, descending, nurtition etc and you get to choose how much you do each day - a great first foray.

3. Combine Family & Cycling - want to combine a family holiday with some cycling? These holidays are about a balance, the mornings are for the cyclist to ride with other like-minded cyclists (supported by us) whilst your partner or family have time to relax, sight-see or enjoy activities in the area. The rest of the day is yours to spend together.

4. Warm Weather Early Season Training Camps in Tenerife - 20+degrees and great training roads.