Hey all,

Whether you prefer to shop at your LBS or online, BikeRoar's revolutionary approach is making a splash on the cycling scene, and now we're officially welcoming you to make use of the resources we designed to simplify and enhance your cycling life. - www.bikeroar.com

We've built a listing of nearly 4000 stores, ceated a catalouge of 30,000+ products across 470 brands. Connect to the coolest stores, giving you real access to availability and pricing.

We are still improving and things are changing on a daily basis. The basic function of the site gives you the ability to locate your local bike store, see what brands & products they sell and contact them directly.

You can also compare the price they are selling products against all the major online stores(o.k not all YET, but we are getting there), giving you the ability to make the best purchasing decision.
(remember cheapest dosen't = best)

Come and check it out, look for your local store, subscribe to our newsletter to win a Garmin and leave a review on your favorite ride.

Please provide any feedback good or bad we love it.

p.s if you think you have what it take to produce some great cycling writing we are on the look out for paid freelance writers with a passion for cycling.