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Here is a e-mail I recieved.

Friends and Associates,

Montana news media began running a story at around 11:AM on 12/21/00 that Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit is recommending that the Missouri River and Breaks be declared a National Monument. More than a third of a million acres.

The majority of Montanans oppose this designation. Our Senate and House of Representatives both passed resolutions this past spring opposing this monument by a 66% majority. Our Govenor, Representative Hill, and Senator Burns have all stood against this monument designation. We have had just one Senator refuse to committ. Max Baucus stated this summer that he was not in favor of the designation if progressive work cold begin on a list of issues that he defined. Over the past months, many people have worked hard toward meeting his goals. Representative Hill introduced a Bill that would establish the Wild and Scenic boundaries that have never been officially adopted. That Bill was shut down by the efforts of two US Senators. One of them was Max Baucus. It is clear what side of the fence he stands on.

Senator Baucus has the power to stop this action. He will not do it without understanding what his losses will be. I have have contacted the Senator and told him that if this signing takes place, I will do everything in my effort to see that he is not re-elected in two years. I am asking you to do the same. The least you could do to help is let him know that you oppose this designation. His contact info is below. And one more thing, PLEASE pass this email on.

Thank You,
Dale Hankins
Secretary, Missouri River Stewards

Baucus #'s
DC Phone 202-224-2651
Gt Falls 406-761-1574 Helena 406-449-5480
Billings 406-657-6790 Bozeman 406-586-6104

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