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    One of our local weeklys, "Monday", has a "You P****D ME OFF!" classified - this weeks ad:

    "LAWYER CYCLISTS and other two-
    wheeled yuppie nerd scum!! Stay out of
    Blenkinsop Valley or endure the 'poop'
    of the Valley Shepard"

    The Valley referred to is along the "Galloping Goose Multiuse Trail" here in Victoria, BC, Canada. We have had a few high profile cases involving road rage towards cyclists over the last year. I thought I would provide the cycling community the opportunity to respond directly to the local media. It is one thing to publish a story or a letter to the editor; but entirely different when you take cash to promote anger against a (traffic) minority. I for one feel a response is warrented.

    Monday email:

    Other local media
    Times Colonist daily -
    the tyee online news -
    News Group community Newspaper -
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