From the Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star, and the end of today's letters to the editor:

This is for the motorist in the pickup truck at Normal Boulevard and 40th who blew his horn and wanted me to ride on the sidewalk on Sunday, July 31, around 11:15.

Bicyclists have the right to be on the road. See Lincoln municipal code 10.48.010. This is also covered in state and federal law. You might also refer to the Nebraska Drivers Handbook which covers the rights and responsibilities of drivers and bicyclists quite clearly.

I pulled onto the road because there was very little traffic and drivers are less likely to interfere with the crossing at 40th if you ride on the road. I have been cut off more than once by drivers turning right onto 40th southbound. Since the local municipal code is unclear about cyclist rights on a trail crossing, it is better for me to ride on the road, even though you don't like it.

It is important to allow for diversity in many things. Please be more tolerant of people who do things differently than you.

Ken Vice, Lincoln

Ken, I haven't met you, but I feel your pain. Motorists have suggested I move onto the sidewalk on more than one occasion. Happily, I see more and more cyclists riding on Lincoln's arterials, and motorists giving us the space the space we have a right to. I hope your letter helps less responsible motorists learn the truth: We're not blocking traffic; we are traffic.

I hope you read BF, so you can see you're not alone out there and I hope we meet on the streets sometime.